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frequently asked questions

Q: Is this a photography only exhibition?

A: No, we welcome all types of images, not only photography or microscopy. Send us your computer generated images, data visualization, even drawings or painting renditions of your favourite scientific images. Get as creative as you like.

Q: Can I submit an image, which is not strictly scientific?

A: Yes, go for our category Behind the Scenes. It is extremely broad and welcomes not only people photography, but all images that capture the essence of the science lifestyle with all of its exciting and equally frustrating moments. This year`s Topic of Behind the Scenes is “Science makes me feel..”

Q: Do I have to be a Ph.D. or a Postdoc to submit an image?

A: No, anyone affiliated to the Faculty of Biology and Medicine and the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment can make a submission.

Q: How do I submit an image?

A: You can make a submission HERE. Simply upload your image at your favourite online server and copy the link in the form.

Q: Can I submit more than 1 image?

A: Yes, you can submit up to three images.

Q: What are the requirements for image submissions?

A: Max. Size 100 MB, Minimum resolution: 2000 x 3000 pixels. The file should be named: [Category_name]_[Title_of_the_work].TIFF. When filling out the submission form, don`t forget to let us know about the technical specifications of the image (for the scientists) as well as a general description of what we see (for the general public).

Q: Will images be offered for sale in 2019?

A: Last year`s interest by the public to purchase images was a motivator for us to offer images for sale. Any member of the public can purchase an image.

Q: How is the price of each print determined? How are the proceeds distributed?

A: The price of each print is determined on the basis of the expenses of professional printing and framing. The distribution of proceeds is 20% for the gallery, 40% for you as an author and 40% to the APNS/FBM for organization of the event. Since the APNS covers printing/framing costs and will receive 40% from the sale of each piece, the price of each piece will be estimated to cover those expenses after sale.

Q: You are already a sponsored event, what will you do with the money from sales?

A: The APNS is a university organization with no annual budget. The Faculty of Biology and Medicine is the primary sponsor of the event, who have advanced a budget to allow us to organize, print, and prepare each image before the event takes place. The money from sales will be returned to the FBM to cover the initial investment they made. For this reason, images will be valued to exactly cover the price of printing/framing, so NO profit will be made by either the FBM or the APNS and sales are only tightly related to covering our original expenses.

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